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Is your slate or tiled roof leaking? Is your slate or tiled roof looking tired and are you constantly spending time and money keeping it watertight?

If you answered yes to these questions it may be time to consider having your roof replaced by a reputable Oswestry Roofing firm call us on 0330 1335745

Having to outlay the money for a roof replacement is often quite a daunting thought and it may seem like throwing money at something you wont really see the benefit from instead of just throwing a bit of money at it here and there, but in the long run you will be adding real value to your property for when its time to sell and you will actually save money over time by all these little bills stopping when your roof finally stops requiring roof leaks and roof maintenance can stop.

7 signs it could be time to say - "replace my roof".

Damp marks on the ceiling or water pooling in your loft area.

Small beams of light coming into your loft.

Broken roof tiles and slates on the floor on your property or visible tile damage on the actual roof.

Any obvious sagging parts of your roof or an uneven fit.

Moss accumulating on the roof.

All you next door neighbours are getting new roofs installed. ( if yours is the last on the street to be replaced it’s probably due)

Heavily cracked or broken tiles. We can easily replace roof tiles but if they are all degraded to a point where they are too porous to be effective then a new roof installation should be considered.

To contact us for a quote call us on 0330 1335745 or use the "contact us form" at the bottom of all our website pages.
How much should I pay for a new roof installation?

Your new roof installation in Oswestry will vary depending on the size of the roof and the type of tiles. To fit a new roof, scaffolding will also be needed which will be included in the quote. All our quotes are itemised and clear so you can see exactly what each part costs. Labour, materials, skips etc

Often we are able to salvage old roof slates and roof tiles and just make up the difference with newly supplied tile or slate that matches the existing. Breakages on an old roof while stripping it can equate from anything between 20-50% (dependant on the roofing material) and we will inform you of what we guess will be the case before work commences.

We find we are one of the lower cost roofers in Oswestry, so we hope that you’ll give us a call and let us give you a free roof survey and estimate.

We also recommend you get several quotes from other roofing companies in Oswestry so you can compare each roofing contractor. We’re confident that "MrRoofer Roofing" will not only be competitive but also your preferred choice due to what a friendly and experienced roofing company we are!

We’re always here to give you any advice or guidance you need for any apsects of roofing in Oswestry.

Our new roof estimate is calculated using:

Total area of the roof to be replaced in Square metres

How many roof tiles or roof slates need to be ordered and the type of roof slates or tiles you choose

How many skips we’ll need to get rid of the old roof (we may not need skips at all)

The total length of roof lead needed for valleys and gulleys

Total amount of timber roof battens to install on your new roof.

Any extras like nails and the correct good quality fittings

Labour - how many of our roofers on the job and how long

We also take into consideration other factors and work on a "job-job" basis as all roofs differ and to get the best accuracy on pricing.

To contact us for a quote call us on 0330 1335745 or use the "contact us form" at the bottom of all our website pages.
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