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We offer a wide range of flat roof services in the Oswestry area including:

Flat roof repair

Call us in Oswestry on 0330 1335745 when you have a flat roofing leak that needs a small fix.

Being trusted roofers in the Oswestry area we can easily fix rips, tears and holes in your flat roof.

Emergency flat roof repair?? - call us if you need an immediate repair, any hour of the day, 7 days a week. If we do not answer your phone call send us a message using our form at the bottom of this page, or send us a text message and we will get back to you immediately once we see this.

Flat roof drain repair - water not draining properly?? we can help if you have a flat roof that lets water pool up. Although this is not usually a simple fix we will try and do this within a respectable budget for the customer.

Please call us whatever the size of flat roofing repair job you may have. We are happy to undertake all flat roofing repairs, big and small.

Flat Roof Installation

Keep repairing your flat roof?? Are the bills slowly adding up each time you fix another leak??  It might be time for a complete new flat roof. We can quote you on a variety of flat roofing systems, including rubber flat roofing, fibreglass flat roofing and traditional felt flat roofing. All you need to then do is choose the one that suits your budget and visual requirements and we can install it.

Flat roofing systems come in all shapes and sizes. Give us a call and we can guide you to the right one.

Renewing a flat roof needn’t be costly, we offer a wide range of coverings to suit any budget.

Re roofing a flat roof can be done quickly and at low cost. Often biting the bullet and replacing it altogether is a more economic and simple way to stop your leaks once and for all.

Flat roof construction varies from roof to roof. Felt roofs, rubber roofs and fibreglass roofs are common.

We pride ourselves in offering the best flat roofing in Oswestry and the surrounding area's

If the work you require to be carried out is a new build or extension we can work with your builders on dates to start and complete work as to keep the job running smoothly.

All flat roofing quotes are free and without any obligation, call us on 0330 1335745 and We’ll come out quickly and give you an accurate written estimate for the work.

Flat porch roof

At "Mr Roofer" Roofing we are able to put a flat roof on your porch. We can provide brand new roofs to newly constructed porches and we can also do replacement flat roofs to older porches where the roof has been leaking and needs renewing.

Flat roof garage

Garage roofs are one of our most common projects when it comes to replacing a flat roof. Back when most garages were being constructed with flat roofs back in the 70's, 80's and 90's they were installed with traditional bitumen felt, which is a highly efficient material when installed correctly. Over time though as with all materials the bitumen felt can start to break down and replacement is necessary.

Even though there is an advancement on material durability in the present day with the use of modern rubber roofing and fibreglass roofing substrates we still often get asked to install traditional bitumen based products. This is due to the look these materials give and also the fact that they are time tested and people have witnessed with their own eyes their own flat roofs covered with traditional roofing felt have lasted upwards of 30+ years.

This will also be the case again if we lay your traditional bitumen based flat roof as again these materials have advanced in durability over the years also.

Common Problems We See On Flat Roofs

Flat roofing is most commonly seen on extensions, garage roofs, and porch roofs.  Unfortunately, flat roofing can be prone to issues that are not seen in the standard sloping roofs. This is due to many reasons but some of the most common flat roof problems encountered are listed below.

Poor installation or workmanship

It is important, just like with much of the work that may be carried out on your property, to ensure that the roofing company carrying out the flat roofing work are professional and deliver high quality results. Flat roofing work that is carried out to a low standard, or that isn’t finished with proper materials or processes is likely to be higher at risk of roof leaks developing. At "MrRoofer Roofing" we are unfortunately often called to fix bad jobs done by other Oswestry flat roofers.

Flat Roof Leaks Oswestry

Ponding Water On The Roof

Most flat roofs suffer from some sort of water ponding due to the nature of which these were traditionally constructed. Ponding water can lead to flat roof damage and also cause problems such as flat roof leaks, both things that you will be keen not to happen to your flat roof. Trying to eliminate ponding water is not a straight forward job most of the time and the roof structure itself may need to be adjusted to a slight pitch. Flat roofs can be adjusted to a pitch even if the surface is to be used for foot traffic if a company like ours is used as we know how to get around these flat roofing issues. If you do notice a leaking flat roof due to ponding water, then give us a call for a free no obligation written quote. We’ve got your flat roofing in Oswestry covered.

Shrinking Flat Roof

Flat roofs that are made from fibreglass are much more likely to shrink over time than the likes of a rubber of traditional bitumen felt flat roof. This shrinkage means that the seams on the roof will pull apart and this makes leak points. Shrinkage is a natural occurrence of flat roofs and the only way to keep on top of this is is to make regular repairs or completely renew your roof. Renewal of your roof sooner rather than later can also save you money in the long run as if caught before roof leaks happen you can get away with using the same roof decking and simply refelting or rubberising your flat roof with just the protective water proof layer.

Blistering Roof

This particular problem is caused by a flat roof that is deteriorating. Over time the membrane on the roof will start to bubble and becomes much like skin of an alligator. If this happens then the roof will need to be replaced with a new roof installation.


Whether you have flat roofing, or sloped roofing, it is important that you take good care of it. Failing to do this will mean that you are likely to be faced with some costly roof repairs or need an entire roof replacement. This isn’t likely to be something that you can do yourself, instead, it is recommended that you seek out a professional roofing company who will be able to service and maintain your roof for you. At "MrRoofer Roofing" we pride ourselves on customer service and attention to detail. Give us a call today on 0330 1335745

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